The Soup Kitchen: 

  • We have various volunteers and church groups who cook lunches and we receive meals from local restaurants. 

  • We serve as many as 70-80 people a day

  • The Soup Kitchen operates Monday-Friday 11:30am-12:30pm
    (excluding holidays)

  • In 2017, we provided 20,800 meals


The Food Bank: 

  • We receive food from the Ontario Food Bank Association, the annual Welland Food Drive, private donations, community food drives as well as small grants through Food Banks Canada. 

  • We provide supplementary groceries, including dairy products, to registered members once per month.

  • Anyone can visit the food bank weekly for items that have a shorter shelf life – breads and produce. Supply will depend on donated products received.

  • The Food Bank operates Monday- Friday 9:30am-11:45am & 12:30pm-2:45pm (excluding holidays)

  • In 2017, we distributed 124,424 pounds of food

  • In 2017, we had 11,207 household visits (Adults: 7, 804/ Children under 17: 3,403)


Housing Stabilization Program:

  • Help tenants find and keep affordable housing. 

  • Provide information, life skills programming , emotional support to clients and mediates and liaisons with landlords and community service providers. 

Emergency Bed Program

  • Provides 15 emergency beds for homeless individuals in the Welland Area.

  • In 2017, we had 1781 bed stays

  • In 2017, we had 42 unique visits (homeless men, women, families and seniors)

Supported Transitional Housing Program​​

  • We provide a group living environment with ongoing supports for 20 men and/or men with children with the goal of securing stable permanent housing

  • In 2017, we had a total of 2,812 night stays

Housing First Program

  • We provide 15 units in Welland for the "hardest to serve" individuals who have difficulty securing and maintaining housing with ongoing supports and rent subsidies

  • In 2016,  we had a total of 1,581 night stays

Community Coach Program:

  • Assists in securing housing, mediates and liaisons with community service providers and landlords.

  • Assists with the prevention of disconnection of heat, hydro and water. We are also a lead agency administering the OESP (Ontario Electricity Support Program)

  • In 2017, we prevented 500 households from disconnection

  • In 2017, we prevented 16 households from their water being shut off

  • In 2017, we assisted 176 households register for the OESP


Social Enterprises:

Cleaning Business

  • This program employs the men living in our Transitional Housing Program through a cleaning contract for the Hub building that provides the opportunity to gain skills training, time management, accountability and team work. 

  • In 2017, we provided 5 individuals with employment

Counselling Services:

Return 2 Hope Counselling

  • There are many individuals in our community struggling to cope with various issues in their daily lives. We are responding to those needs and struggles through a free, high quality counselling service offered in house to our clients. Return 2 Hope Counselling is a direct response to the dire need for free counselling services in our community that are essential to successfully facilitating change and growth in our clients by reducing the impact of past trauma and experiences that are causing homelessness. 

  • In 2017, 161 individuals received counselling in our community

  • In 2016, we provided 756 counselling hours

Trusteeship Program:

  • Assists clients in effective budgeting; ensuring rent and bills are paid directly to the landlord and service provider to prevent eviction

  • In 2017, we trusteed 83 unique clients

  • In 2016, we distributed 1,348 cheques

Kacey Lynn Fund:

  • Provides financial assistance to eligible families with children up to the age of 18 in need of health and dental expenses not covered by their health benefits

Income Tax Clinic:

  • Provides free tax clinics for basic returns during tax session. This program has the ability to file up to 10 years of previous basic tax returns

  • In 2017, our volunteers assisted with 165 basic tax returns

I.D Clinic:

  • Provided through Community Care once per month for individuals who do not have any I.D documents

  • In 2017, 144 individuals received I.D

Mail & Message Service:

  • For individuals who do not feel safe receiving their mail at their place of residence, or those who do not have a phone, we will accept mail and messages on their behalf.

  • In 2017, 56 individuals in our community used this service

Resource Development:

  • This is the first point of contact for individuals walking into the Hub

  • In 2017 the total number of services provided: 940 faxes, 588 photocopies, 370 housing lists, 146 clothing vouchers, 4,956 phone calls, 209 regional Housing applications, and 928 general inquiries

Koats for Kids:

  • Provides donated winter clothing to children and adults in need


  • Funded by Canadian Tire Foundation Families, we administer this program to provide opportunities for children of eligible families to play sports and recreational activities

  • In 2017, 877 children participated in sports and recreation in the Welland community 

  • In 2017, the total amount of funds disbursed was $93, 425.00

Snacks n Sneakers Day:

  • Funded by Canadian Tire Financial Services and Jumpstart, this program provides eligible children with new shoes and snacks to return to school

  • In 2017, we provided 431 children with new shoes